Sentai Filmworks Immediately Loses 800 Million Dollars After Licensing Rail Wars


HOUSTON, TX — American television and film distribution company Sentai Filmworks has declared bankruptcy after losing a whopping $800 million upon licensing the TV anime Rail Wars.

After purchasing the rights to sell and distribute the anime in North America from studio Passione, Sentai Filmworks was immediately crippled with falling demand, competition against lower-cost alternatives, and rising labor costs.

“Sentai [Filmworks] really should have thought twice before investing in anything to do with railroads in the United States,” economist Alan Moorehead told Anime Maru.

After licensing Rail Wars, Sentai Filmworks lost its ability to compete with anime involving airplanes, cars, or trucks, a report states. Observers have also noticed overregulation, aggressive unions, and poorly managed infrastructure which dramatically increased overhead costs for the defenseless anime licensing company.

“It took all of us by storm,” former Sentail Filmworks CEO Matt Greenfield tells Anime Maru. “One moment we were in the board room signing the contract, and the next moment our company is a derelict wasteland of rusting steel attempting to survive in a sunset industry. Maybe it was a poor investment”

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