SHAFT Starts Testing on Self-Watching Anime

Animation studio SHAFT will begin testing on the first ever self-watching anime this month, according to an official statement made today. Assault Lily: Bouquet represents SHAFT’s most ambitious project since 2011, when they created Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, the first fully electric-powered anime.

One of the biggest challenges to being an anime fan is actually having to watch anime. Viewers have to spend energy paying attention to an episode, energy that could be better spent doing most other activities.

Although Assault Lily: Bouquet will play and watch itself, for safety reasons a viewer will have to sit in front of the screen at all times — likely playing a video game, browsing the internet, or paying attention to literally anything else.

In a demonstration for the press, studio representatives loaded an unfinished episode on an orange-colored mock streaming platform and pressed “play”. After around 60 seconds of buffering and commercials, the episode began playing all by itself while everyone in attendance was already focused elsewhere.

“SHAFT has a long history of innovation, and we are very excited to work on this revolutionary anime,” series director Saeki Shouji tells Anime Maru. “The future of putting on an episode of anime and not paying any attention is here.”

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