Shinbou Akiyuki Reveals He Has Actually Been Blind All Along

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TOKYO, Japan — High profile director Shinbou Akiyuki of Studio Shaft made a shocking announcement last weekend, revealing that he has been blind for the past ten years. The revelation baffled fans but also surprised most of Shinbou’s co-workers. Shinbou has directed many hit series known for their unique visual style, such as Monogatari series, Puella Magi Madoka Magika and Blood Royale, which makes the revelation all the more surprising.

In his confession. Shinbou admitted that he directed several anime while completely blind but was too embarrassed to admit anything.

“Some of my trademark directing choices started off as accidents”, Shinbou explains. “I thought that displaying large walls of text for a fraction of a second on screen is confusing, but to my surprise everyone else on my staff just went with it.”

Shinbou admits that he is shocked to discover that fans have been analyzing his works frame-by-frame while posting lengthy analyses online.

“Over the last decade, I have been afraid that someone would see trough my tricks and learn my secret. With the economy being what it is I couldn’t afford getting fired. Luckily none of that ever happened in the end.”

Some of the staff that Shinbou worked with admitted being suspicious, but never quite realized the extend of the director’s bluffing.

” It all makes so much sense now,” an animator at Shaft who wished to remain anonymous told Anime Maru. “He kept bumping into things in the office and couldn’t use doors properly, but we all thought those were just some of his artistic quirks that were too deep for us to understand.”

“None of us dared to say anything out of the fear of seeming dumb for not just getting him,” another employee commented. “Though I really should have noticed something after Koufuku Graffiti.”

For now, the future of the 55-year-old director is in doubt, though Shinbou himself is not particularly worried about it.

“Thanks to Madoka, I’ve accumulated enough money for an easy retirement; the secret doesn’t really matter anymore”, Shinbou mentioned. He then ended the press conference by announcing that Kizumonogatari Part III has been put on an indefinite hiatus, and reminding the assembled media that it was supposed to be a practical joke anyway.

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