Shinkai Announces Seasonal Garbage in Response to Miyazaki Comparisons


Following a revealing interview about his new movie, Kimi no Nawa (Your Name), in which he stated that he doesn’t want to be labeled as “the next Miyazaki”, acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai has announced that he will now work on a seasonal garbage harem anime titled Ore no Ookina Oppai Imouto ga Fuariimeidokafe de Hataraku!!?!).

Shinkai expressed distress over his newfound praise in response to the critically-acclaimed Kimi no Nawa, having gone as far to state that he does not want anyone else to watch the movie in order to prevent over-exaggerated claims of greatness.

Ore no Ookina Oppai Imouto ga Fuariimeidokafe de Hataraku!!?! (also known as Oro-o) will follow the exploits of Yuu, a normal high school boy who finds out that his big-breasted little sister (who has good grades and happens to be a fashion model in her free time) is working at a furry maid cafe.

“I’m not Miyazaki damnit! I’m just a guy trying to figure out how many different possible ways I can make a boy-meets-girl story,” Shinkai told Anime Maru. “Look, can we just please talk about my upcoming project? I think it’ll be a real success. We’re gonna have a lot of big tits, short skirts, and tons of incest bait. This time we’re not going to draw anything by hand. All outsourced digital cel animation, baby!”

According to initial reports, preorders for Ore no Ookina Oppai Imouto ga Faariimeidokafe de Hataraku!!?! are at a record high.


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