Shocking Conspiracy Claims Anime Has Been Dead Since 2003


Shock waves rebounded throughout the anime fan community when a conspiracy theory surfaced early this weekend that anime has been dead since 2003 and was replaced by a similar-looking medium that has since been fooling fans worldwide.

The twitter user @DarK1rito420 started it all with a tweet claiming that anime died in November of 2003 after a few episodes of Maburaho, a show by J.C. Staff. “Maburaho is the story of a world where people have the ability to use magic, except for our milquetoast male lead who has no magic ability,” the initial tweet by DarK1rito420 explains. “But due to his bloodline, the three attractive young female characters all fight for his affection and want to seduce him for his genes.”

“This show marks the moment anime truly ran out of ideas and resorted to awful characters and mindless fanservice. This was the end,” another tweet by DarK1rito420 concludes.

Additional evidence points out that while “anime” from the present looks similar to anime from the 20th and early 21st century, a trained eye can spot noticeable differences in art style. Staple shows such as InuYashaNaruto and One Piece — shows that were expected to last forever, have not only changed dramatically, but they’ve ended.


“It seems bizarre; why would anime companies keep making shows to try to hide the death of anime?” anime blogger Jordan Corbal wrote.

The theory seems far-fetched, ridiculous, and at times even insane, but according to Corbal, “it does open your eyes a bit.”

And while the anime fan community — who has been deceived for more than a decade — may feel confused or even betrayed at the revelation that beloved shows such as Steins;GateMahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Hibike Euphonium, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have not been anime all this time, some fans can see the positives of any situation.

“I guess this puts the nail in the coffin of that debate; RWBY definitely isn’t an anime.”

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