Single Helpful Review Discovered on Steam Visual Novel


Steam users were shocked to discovered that a recent review posted to the Steam page for Neko Para Vol. 3 could actually be considered helpful. The review, which praises the game for its clean visuals along with its animated and fully voiced characters, contains complete sentences, clear statements, and appears to express valid thoughts about the visual novel. The review goes on to detail how the game focuses on two of the catgirl characters introduced, but not yet fully featured, in the prior two volumes of the series, provides information on what to expect from the game, and compares it to the previous two iterations.

The review perplexed users as it failed to make references to masturbation, disappointed family members, or statements that suggest copulation with a cat. The post also fails to make reference to the reviewer being unable to quit the game with an absurd amount of logged hours. Instead the account posting the review shows only 3.9 hours of the game played, suggesting that the game was willingly played in full rather than left to idle on the user’s desktop. After Steam users began flagging the post, Valve staff responded by launching an investigation into the legitimacy of the review.

“At this point we have reason to believe the review to be fabricated or a failed attempt at irony through sincerity,” said Steam content moderator Justin Reavelle. “No one actually buys this game unironically. The sick ones might get off to this kind of stuff but everyone else just uses it to get in on the joke or get easy achievements. It is likely that the review was either generated by a bot or written by a person with a concerning lack of self awareness.”

Reavelle stressed the importance of the Steam user curated review system and how it’s reliance on the approval of other users helps push only the most relevant reviews to the top of game product pages. It is through this system of community moderation that Steam was able to achieve great success and quality content through programs like Steam Greenlight, claimed Reavelle.

By the second day, the review in question had already been voted down by users and was no longer viewable on the first page of Neko Para Vol. 3 reviews bringing the page back to its normal state of masturbation comments. Valve responded, pointing to this as further evidence of the success of Steam’s user curated content.

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