Slice of Life Fan Concerned Favorite Show May Have a Plot

SIOUX FALLS, ND — A local anime fan recently voiced concerns about his favorite anime of the season potentially progressing toward having a plot. “It wouldn’t bother me,” Ben Grant said in an interview, “if they’d marketed it as having a plot. At least then I would’ve known to avoid it.”


Not that kind of plot, either.

For Grant, Anne Happy seemed like an innocent new anime series at the start of the season that quickly delivered on the promises a viewer would expect from a new moeblob slice of life series: cute girls, cute things, the cute girls interacting with those cute things, and a surprising amount of puppies and kittens. In recent weeks, however, the show has left viewers with questions and a desire to keep watching that wasn’t founded purely in a desire to see the female protagonists. Forums began to wonder why the teacher, and the school for that matter, would be run in such a way. Why a seemingly normal school would have a robot mascot. Seemingly endless questions began to buzz around the internet.

Not the most standard approach to teaching

When asked what his plan was if Anne Happy did develop a plot, Grant said he would drop it in a heartbeat. “There’s enough slice of life out this season that I don’t need to worry about holding onto one if it tries to slip in a plot. Hell, Flying Witch has consistently given me nothing to think about for seven episodes already and I don’t see any semblance of a plot coming up soon.”

It’s unclear whether Anne Happy will be moving into the realm of anime with a plot, but as it stands now, in this uncertain world, it may be safest for viewers worried about such things to keep watching shows like Flying Witch or Kuma Miko that don’t tread that dangerous line between warm feelings, and the slightest amount of thinking.


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