Sources Confirm Second Season of ‘Food Wars’


A second season of the popular anime Shokugeki no Souma — also known as Food Wars — has been confirmed, according to an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine found left in a McDonald’s dining area in Shibuya. According to an Anime Maru intern who took one semester of Japanese in high school, an article in the magazine confirms the continuation of the popular anime in spring of 2016.

Tsukuda Yuuto and Saeki Shun’s hit manga follows the adventures of Souma, an aspiring chef who tries to work his way to the top of the romanticized cutthroat culinary world.

Yamigama Shougo, a custodian at the J.C. Staff offices based in Tokyo, told Anime Maru that he saw an abundance of Food Wars paraphernalia at the animation studio in recent weeks. He also “definitely” heard staff members mentioning the anime by name. Additionally, a reddit user who claims that his uncle works for Sentai Filmworks confirmed the story, though he refused to elaborate on how an overseas licensing company would have information about an anime being greenlit.

This is the latest of a series of anime announcements that have taken place recently. Earlier this week, Shirobako 2 was confirmed on Twitter by user @ShirobakoS2When, screenshots and emails were leaked on 4chan for a second season of Monster Musume, anonymous homeless people on the streets of San Francisco confirmed a Kyoto Animation adaptation of Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, and an online anime news parody site announced Toyko Ghoul Season 4.

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