Space Dandy Spaceship Designer Thomas Romain Discovered To Be French, Outraged Fans Torch Akiba

TOKYO – Akiba burned to the ground this week after a major anime blog revealed that the spaceship designer for Space Dandy, Thomas Romain, was actually French and not Japanese at all. “This is not anime,” said one outraged fan carrying a Japanese flag. “It is some kind of generic internationalized cartoon and we won’t stand for it. These immigrants come to our country and steal spaceship designing jobs from hard working Japanese designers. It’s not right.”

An Anime Maru investigation of Google Images revealed that Mr. Romain was indeed of Western appearance, and his twitter account confirms his French origins. But not everyone in Akiba shared the outrage. One shopkeeper who was seen clearing the charred rubble from his storefront said “What’s the big deal? It’s not like we are talking about The Last Airbender here. Now that’s a show you burn down Akiba over!”

Fire department officials said that this was the worst Akiba fire since Kyoto Animation’s announcement of Free! in April of last year.


Protesters carried Japanese flags and chanted anti-immigration slogans.

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