Space Patrol Luluco confirmed to be Kill la Kill sequel

Luluco la Kill

TOKYO, Japan — With only days before the release of Studio Trigger’s Space Patrol Luluco, some stunning revelations have come to light. The leaked first episode revealed that this new series is in fact a sequel to Trigger’s previous television outing, Kill la Kill.

space kill logos

They even reused the same logo!

The connections are subtle but they undoubtedly exist. Luluco is set far off in the future. Importantly, the entire cast of Kill la Kill has long since died in the hundred year gap. There’s no telling if we’ll see a return of the clothing aliens that plagued Kill la Kill, all though it seems very likely.

Even the promotional material has hidden a reference to Ryuuko Matoi in it. Look very carefully or you might miss it!


Did you find it yet?

Director Hiroyuki Imaishi has confirmed the relation between these series on his twitter stating, “Looks like you got us! Luluco is definitely a Kill la Kill sequel. Anyone who says anything to the contrary is just out to troll you. ”

Since the revelation, speculation has arose around the title character, Luculo, with many speculating that she may be the great grandchild of Ryuuko and Mako. Others have dismissed this theory as “utter nonsense”, claiming that Luculo is clearly a descendant of Ryuuko and Satsuki.

long lost child

The resemblance is uncanny…

Whichever the case may be, one thing is for sure: Space Patrol Luluco is sure to be just as disappointing as Kill la Kill.

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