SpaceX Launches Newly-Announced ‘Zetta’ Nesoberi into Earth Orbit

Officials at SpaceX, Bushiroad, and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced today the successful launch and deployment of a giant stuffed plush depicting Love Live! Sunshine!! character Sakurauchi Riko into low earth orbit. The project was part of Bushiroad’s announcement of a new line of “Zetta” nesoberi plushes earlier this week, with pre-orders starting later this year.

The announcement comes after the success of the franchise’s popular conventionally-sized stuffed dolls (nesoberi) — which are around 15 centimeters long, and the subsequent “Tera Jumbo” nesoberi — which are around 40 centimeters long.

The new “Zetta” nesoberi measure almost 30 meters in length and weigh around 2,000 tons, ensuring that fans of the popular school idol franchise will have plenty of fun hugging and otherwise showing off their merchandise. The launch, the most expensive in SpaceX history, has caused quite the stir on social media and will surely be earned back several times over due to the nesoberi’s $900,000 price tag.

“Bye bye, wallet,” one Love Live fan posted on an internet forum. “Now I have to start saving up for the planet-sized neso they’re going to announce next year.”

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