Special Sneak Preview of ‘The Laws of the Universe – Part 2’ Anime Film

Hello anime fans! Today I’ve had the fortunate chance of being invited by a fellow professional from another anime news website to get a special insider preview of the upcoming anime film The Laws of the Universe – Part 2. As someone who keeps up with all the new anime releases, I couldn’t pass up this great opportunity. I have never seen the first part of this movie but my colleague assures me that it was fantastic and a real eye opener. I will be heading to the preview this evening where I have luckily been given permission to live blog the event in order to promote the new release. I’ll see you there!

5:19pm:  We have arrived at the theater, which is smaller than I expected, but there are still several dozens of others here as well for the preview screening. Many look quite excited. I didn’t realize this film series had such a dedicated following.

5:26pm:  We have taken our seats and are waiting for the screening to begin. It should start any moment now.

5:30pm:  A man has walked out who has introduced himself as Ryuho Okawa, the executive producer of the film. He states that he will be giving some backstory before the movie begins. Cool that they have some of the staff here. Several of the people in the audience appear quite delighted at his appearance.

5:32pm:  The producer begins talking about how he helped create this film in order to seek worldly truths and to spread happiness throughout audiences. He states that he hopes we find meaning in the film as well.

5:36pm:  Several audience member begin to clap after the producer’s statements. I didn’t realize this film series was so moving for people. I’ve only seen this kind of reaction from Trigger anime.

5:43pm:  Another man accompanying the producer is beginning to describe the reptilian foes that appear in the movie. He might have stumbled on his words some because a few times he accidentally says the reptilians menace is among us.

5:52pm:  This man is still talking about the movie and is mentioning something about how he saw a UFO which provided inspiration for a scene he added to the second part of the film. I wonder when the movie is going to start.

6:01pm:  I attempted to step outside in order to use the washroom but a large man stopped me at the doorway and assured me that the movie was going to start soon before urging me to head back to my seat.

6:08pm:  They are starting to hand out some kind of books to people in the audience. Was this based off of a manga originally or something?

6:13pm:  One of the staff just handed me a book titled The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Identity. I’m not quite sure what this is and I don’t really have time to read this if the movie will start soon.

6:20pm:  Another man has approached the front and is beginning to talk about something relating to finding true happiness by letting go of past falsities. He is saying something about how the stories we’ve been told about World War II are a lie. I’m not a history buff but I’ve seen Code Geass and I’m pretty sure that’s not correct. Is this guy even related to this release?


6:27pm:  Sorry, disregard that last update. One of the staff members walked by and was giving me a harsh glare. I don’t think he liked what I was writing before and gave me some “suggestions” on what I could say.

6:29pm:  I glanced over at my colleague who brought me here so see if he feels uneasy as well, but he’s just attentively staring forward and still seems kind of excited about the whole thing.

6:36pm:  I don’t think something is right here. The movie was supposed to start nearly an hour ago, but people are still talking.

6:43pm:  I mentioned to my colleague that I was thinking about going but he just looked at me oddly and said, “why? The best part is just about to begin”. He seemed reasonable enough before we got here. What’s gotten into him?

6:50pm: Okay, so several people in the front row just started chanting some strange verses. Has this turned into an idol concert? I think I’m just going to make a break for it when I see an opening.

6:54pm: The large man who was blocking the door previously has joined in on the chanting. I’m going to go for it. Wish me luck.

6:56pm: I think I got out without too many people noticing me. I’m not really sure. I sort of just ran for it once the door shut.

7:04pm: My colleague is still in the theater and is texting me now asking why I left and saying that I’m really missing out as they are offering a generous partnership deal with journalists there. I think I’m going to pass.

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