Square Enix Commemorates 25 Years of Not Giving a Fuck About ‘Chrono Trigger’

With the 25th anniversary of the North American release of the legendary SNES RPG Chono Trigger fast approaching, many fans have been left wondering how series developer Square Enix will celebrate the occasion.

Square Enix often marks such anniversaries with new merchandise, interviews, and other retrospective media, which has lead many within the Chrono fandom to ponder if the time travel-themed RPG will receive similar treatment.

Square has been silent on the matter for some time even while other gaming milestones, such as Final Fantasy 9‘s 20th anniversary, have been given lavish attention. That silence has been broken today in a statement from the RPG giant.

“We understand that Chrono Trigger is a beloved franchise with a passionate fan base,” Square Enix said in their official statement. “But in all honesty, we just don’t give a shit about them or the game itself.”

“Its been twenty one years since the last game in the series [Chrono Cross] and you ungrateful bastards didn’t even like that for some stupid reason. So we really think you guys don’t really even deserve another game, let alone a celebration of something you’ve been bitching about for two decades. For anyone who still thinks we will ever do anything with Chrono as a franchise, we here at Square Enix collectively hope you can invent a time machine so you can visit a world line where we actually give a fuck.”

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