Staff Infection — Anime Maru’s Mid-Season Round-Up

Fluffy Harpy

I’ve been watching Yuri Yuri as it airs, but I can’t help but think its simply more of the same we’ve seen in the last three years. Yes, we get it. These girls are all gay, and live in a world where men have been eliminated, leaving behind some sort of lily drenched utopia where everyone blushes every three and a half seconds and reproduction is left to a complicated series of tubes and birthing chambers. Did we really need a third season of that? I think not.

I also gave Comet Lucifer a shot, and it sure did live up to its premise of having robots. I mean wow it does have a lot of robots, and Bandai should be proud that they were able to put out a new mecha anime in this day and age that has so many robots in it. I’d give it a rating of “Has Robots”/10.


So, I just started watching that One-Punch Man show everyone’s been talking about, and I gotta say, I don’t get the hype. For one thing, why is everyone talking about how great the animation is? I think everyone must be blind because this thing looks horrible, like something that came out of the 80’s! The show’s plot is pretty stupid too, and I hate all of the side character’s wacky-themed looks. The main character is totally overpowered too, there’s a scene where he meets a hungry dog and he rips off part of his head to feed him, and in the next scene they’ve just replaced his head and he’s totally fine! Also, the main character doesn’t even throw a single punch in the whole episode, he defeats the villain by trapping him in a pot of food! I don’t know why the localizing staff even decided to call the show One-Punch Man, they really should have gone with the original Japanese name, “Anpanman.”


I was watching that new show called Young Jack Black. It’s nice to watch something about Jack Black before he turned into R.L. Stine. I hope they’ll explain how on earth he lost all of those scars and changed his hair color, otherwise the show will definitely need a second season. There’s also Concrete Revolutio. In an attempt to revive Seiji Mizushima’s career that Expelled From Paradise killed, he decided to team up with the writer of Chaos Dragon. I guess it might be considered a step up from Gen Urobuchi, since this guy’s writing is less likely to disappoint people.


Owarimonogatari has, unfortunately been a massive disappointment for me this season. Even through I watched the prequel Oremonogatari, I find the story nearly impossible to follow as I watch this anime on my other monitor while I play video games. This has been a prevailing issue throughout the entire franchise. I believe the fault lies with NisiOisin for having such verbose dialogue and Shinbo for making it so you have to pay attention to the show. Bring back the toothbrush scene and we’ll talk.


Hacka Doll the Animation has been great to watch. I just hate that they made #3 a loli, what with the flat chest and all. Pretty sick and disgusting for Trigger to do something like that.



Following Gakusen Toshi Cavalry and Rakudai Kishi no Asterisk, and they’ve both been pretty good. Or at least I think they’ve been good, because I keep getting them mixed up. Whichever one I’m actually watching, they’re both taking the light novel genre in exciting new directions. I can’t wait to see what other exciting literary adaptions next season has in store.


I never really thought of myself as gay until I watched Iron Blooded Orphans. While last season I would have been inclined to say that Prisma Illya displayed the pinnacle of human anatomy, I may have to disagree now that I’ve been introduced to shirtless men on Mars. I guess the girls in Iron Blooded Orphans are alright too, but they’re not as shirtless as the men. Perhaps if a new, female, shirtless pilot is introduced, then I could safely realign my orientation. So until then it will be a very confusing season for me.


Did the Kekkai Sensen finale ever come out? I can’t move onto the next season if I haven’t finished everything I started. On that note, what about that Hestia girl? I feel like the whole internet should be talking about her! She’s a loli but has huge boobs so I don’t feel like I need to be purged of sin for liking her.

Doctor E

Due to an unfortunate mishap with a time dispersion device I was thrown backwards in time to the ripe year of 1967. I’m afraid the anime available in that time period in Mid Western America was quite sparse, so all I had to watch was Speed Racer… So much Speed Racer… I can hear the song in my dreams, in vivid nightmares that haunt me, and shall, I think, continue to do so for the rest of my days… My god, why did I leave it on loop for 48 years! He’s a Demon on wheels!


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