Staff Infection — Editors’ Picks for Spring 2015


I’m very excited for the new Lupin III series, because after dozens of subpar specials and OVAs what Lupin really needs is a change in the color of his jacket. I’m also looking forward to Etotama, because I keep mistaking the main character in the preview art for Haruhi Suzumiya.  Finally, as a fan of the manga, I’m excited to see Yamada-kun’s original 90 chapter story arc finally get animated. Wait, the anime’s only one cour? Fuck.


GitS ARISE: Alternative Architecture shows that an OVA series doesn’t need to be good to air on TV. It just needs to be attached to GitS. Hopefully Houkago no Pleiades will fill the void in my heart left by Yuri Kuma Arashi. I need my yuri fix, even if it’s just implications. Vampire Holmes actually looks like a decent adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. Japan even managed not to make it a gayfujoshit anime.


What does it matter? Nothing will ever top Kekko Kamen.



There are three things in this world that I love: 1) Blood, because when lots of it is squirting out of random lopped off limbs, that’s probably the sign of a good show; 2) blockades, because my enemies don’t deserve goods or supplies, and it gives me great pleasure to see them slowly work through their stockpiles knowing how precious little time they have remaining in this mortal coil; and 3) battlefronts, because I am a big, tough Internet dude who fights and wins all battles. With that in mind, the anime I am most looking forward to is Ore Monogatari.

Zeke Freek

Personally I’m stoked for Ameiro Cocoa. Because’s it’s basically the male version of GochiUsa. And everyone knows coffee is better when there’s testosterone involved. It’s the secret ingredient.


I’m psyched for Gunslinger Stratos because my favorite kinds of shows are ones that involve Gen Urobuchi in some vague capacity. In fact, in the future every show will have Gen Urobuchi’s name attached to it for 15 minutes. I am just disappointed that Gunslinger Stratos is not the Gunslinger Girl and Infinite Stratos crossover that I imagined it would be.


We all know what show is getting the most hype right now, and that is Kyoto Animation’s entry to this season, Hibike! Euphonium. As a connoisseur of anime based on esoteric musical instruments such as Boku no Sousaphone and Mahou Glockenspiel no Senou, the idea of Kyoto Animation making an anime about music excites me; I only hope this show will live up to the massive hype it has churned up. I can’t imagine Kyoto Animation making an anime about girls playing music boring at all.


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