Staff Infection — Editors’ Picks for Summer 2014


Glasslip? Wow talk about another typical P.A. Works show, pandering to the glass crafting enthusiast community to make a quick buck. Talk about the lowest common denominator. Bakumatsu Rock looks quite inviting; it will be made by Studio Deen, which rumor has it used to be a real anime studio.



I am looking forward to Free!: Eternal Summer because I don’t have to explain myself to you, you homophobic philistine, but mostly because the first season made me feel all nostalgic about my years of swim competitively and I’m hoping the second season motivates me to get off my lazy ass. Also, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! because I’m so addicted to Type-Moon things, they could make a Breaking Bad spin-off about me.



I am looking forward to Persona 4 The Golden Animation, because I want to see if Kishi Seiji just gives up and plays the video game in lieu of making an anime like he did for Danganronpa. I am also looking forward to watching people on Twitter watch Sword Art Online II and not watching a single second of the anime myself. It worked splendidly for the first season!



Despite being extremely well-versed in Japanese culture, most otaku possess a rather gaping hole in their knowledge. Can anyone tell me what it is Japanese kids actually do after they graduate high school? No one seems to know what happens between the ages of 18 and 30. Thankfully, we’ve got a show this season to help us finally answer that question― Hanamonogatari.



I am looking forward to Rail Wars! because I am a huge fan of alternate realities, and nothing piques my interest like the idea of a universe in which Japan’s railway system was never privatized. Just think of the creative avenues such an upside-down universe could generate!


Emperor J

This Nozaki-kun thing; never in my entire life have I seen a concept that is so in tune with how life is in Japanese high school. It explains why there are thousands of high school boys who happen to be shoujo mangaka. The fact that this school has many talented actors and singers also explains why Japanese actors and musicians dominate the global pop charts and movie awards all around the globe.


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