Steam Visual Novel Review Consists of Just Link to 18+ Patch

A recent review from user Rikko has been making waves among the Steam community for its brilliant analysis of the visual novel Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche.

Consisting of a single link to the 18+ patch for the game and nothing more, Rikko’s review both masterfully sums up of the purpose of the visual novel while providing useful resources for new potential players.

Already Rikko’s review has received vast praise for its thorough deconstruction of the game’s plot and deep appreciation of the game’s character art and visual design.

The review currently ranks as the top most helpful review for the visual novel on Steam with over 200 users marking it as helpful. No small feat considering the many other well-thought-out reviews for the title including one from user NyaniKore whose review was written entirely in copy-paste ASCII art.

With such thoughtful feedback, visual novel fans are hopeful that the genre will soon be treated with the respect that it deserves rather than primarily being known for catering to strange fetishes.

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