‘Steel Samurai’ Actor Will Powers Arrested for the Murder of Co-Star Jack Hammer


Earlier this morning, actor Will Powers, known for playing the title character in the popular children’s show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, was arrested on suspicion of the murder of his co-star Jack Hammer, who played the show’s villain, The Evil Magistrate. Jack Hammer was a recurring actor in Global Studios productions such as The Steel Samurai, and in recent years had mostly played villainous roles.

While full details have not been released, we do know Hammer’s body was found still inside the Evil Magistrate costume. The Steel Samurai’s signature weapon, the “Samurai Spear” was found stuck through the body. Police believe this is the murder weapon, and are investigating further.

Anime Maru attempted to reach out to Global Studios for a comment on the murder, but The Steel Samurai’s producer Dee Vasquez was unavailable to comment. We also attempted to get a statement from the security officer at the scene, Wendy Oldbag, who shooed us away and told us emphatically that it was her job to keep gawkers out. However, we did overhear Ms. Oldbag saying that only one person went by her when the murder took place, and that was Will Powers.

Will Powers’s trial is set for October 18th. He will be represented by rookie attorney Phoenix Wright, who has only defended two cases before, but has managed to win both of them. We spoke to the case’s lead prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who seemed unconcerned about the defense, saying that he had decisive evidence and doubted the trial will last more than a day, regardless of the defense’s objections. He then asked us to leave, stating that he had important footage to review from The Steel Samurai for the upcoming trial.

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