“‘Steins;Gate 0’ is Too Hard to Follow,” Claims Viewer While Browsing Internet

TERRE HAUTE, IN — 24-year-old graduate student Kevin Fagan took matters into his own hands earlier this weekend, complaining loudly in his friend group’s Discord server that this season’s Steins;Gate 0 “makes no sense” and it too difficult to follow. As the group watched episode 4 together Fagan occasionally looked away from reddit to glance at the anime on his other monitor and proclaim that he had no idea what timeline this was all taking place in.

“Wait who is this weird-looking loli?” Fagan asked, referring to Hiyajou Maho. “Where did Kurisu and Roka go?”

Fagan claimed that he has indeed watched the original Steins;Gate year ago but doesn’t remember much of it because he had it muted while he was playing video games.

Steins;Gate 0 is pretty cool, but I think it’s a bit overrated. The writing is definitely underwhelming because the story is a convoluted mess,” Fagan typed into his MyAnimeList review while episode 4 was still playing on his other monitor. Fagan then muted the stream and went back to playing Love Live! School Idol Festival.


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