Steven Universe Airs Without TRIGGER Warning; Fans Dismayed

Steven Triggered

Earlier this week, an episode of Steven Universe titled “Mindful Education” aired with the help of a special guest animator from Studio Trigger. Takafumi Hori was key animator on anime such as Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and now the latest episode of Steven Universe. While many were pleased to see a collaboration between their favorite anime and their favorite anime studio, some felt that the episode should have aired with a warning.

“I for one am appalled at the lack of future vision that the Cartoon Network executives had.” Tumblr user Perry/Pearl “Some of us might have had Kill la Kill flash backs, because of Cartoon Network’s negligence. I mean, I didn’t , but I’m certainly offended on behalf of the countless hypothetical persons that might have.”

Another user, Jasper-The-Gemhog, mentioned that “Steven Universe has referenced other terrible anime like Utena, Initial D, and of course Kiki’s Delivery Service. But it hits too close to home when an actual Trigger animator works on an episode, reminding us of how disappointing Luluco was.”

But they’re not the only one who’s pressuring Cartoon Network for a change. Hundreds of petitions have flooded forums demanding that the company air warning before anything related to Studio Trigger. Unfortunately, all of them fail to realize that online petitions do next to nothing against big companies.

“We’ve had a good relationship with Studio Trigger,” A Cartoon Network Executive stated minutes after warning the audience that he would be talking about Studio Trigger. “That show you like so much, Kiss la Kiss? That’s was on our Toonami programing block and no one complained. We don’t understand why you’re so upset.”

The same could be said for the protesters, who are not entirely sure why they’re so mad about Studio Trigger. But they do know one thing, they are upset and they’re going to fire whoever is in charge.

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