Students Not So Excited for This Year’s Battle Royale

Students at Miyashima Senior High School take the oppurtunity to nap during the announcement that their class will partake in this year's Battle Royale.

Students at Miyashima Senior High School take the opportunity to nap during the announcement that their class will partake in this year’s Battle Royale.

Tokyo, JAPAN– As the second term of school begins in Japan, some students are apprehensive to return after the announcement of this year’s Battle Royale. A class of 42 students have been selected for this year’s death sport, some are more excited than others.

“I just feel like it isn’t fresh anymore,” second-year Miki Mikimura, one of the selected students, told Anime Maru. “Like we had the first one, and it was awesome. No one had seen anything like it before. Then they did it again and it was ok, then there was the one with all the cellphones, the alien themed one, the year with the octopus teacher, then the terrible American remake… It just got really gimmicky. And if I’m going to be thrown into a life or death situation, the last thing I want is for it to be gimmicky.”

It would seem that Mikimura’s thoughts are shared by her fellow classmate, Akira Fido. In a brief interview he divulged that, “It’s just not fun anymore. Watching kids kill each other used to be funny, now it’s just predictable. I can already tell that I’m going to die in the first round, where is the originality in that? ”

Former Battle Royale Champion, Rio Asuka, seems to agree. “That’s what they say every year, but it’s always the same in the end. A few bloody sailor suits here and there, the most innocent looking person dies horribly, there’s just no innovation. Back in my day kids used to kill each other with real gusto. Now they’re just going through the motions.”

But despite these complaints, the Japanese government still seems dead set on this year’s Battle Royale, releasing a press statement claiming, “This year it won’t just be the same rehashed shit over again, this time they’ll be killing each other with knives! Really sharp ones!”

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