Studio Behind ‘Ange Vierge’ Improves Animation Quality by Cutting Clothing Budget


A new industry report released earlier this week reveals that the animation studio behind this season’s Ange Vierge, Silver Link, reduced the anime’s clothing budget by 85% in order to increase the animation quality.

“We can’t all be Kyoto Animation,” director Tamura Masafumi told Anime Maru. “We can’t all make one or two beautifully animated shows a year and be able to survive.”

The report confirmed fan suspicions as to why most of the Ange Vierge‘s first episode appeared to be characters having conversations while naked. Tamura went on to explain that for a show to be profitable, fight scenes animation needed to be stellar. He stated, “for the sake of animation quality in a lower budget show such as Ange Vierge, sacrifices must be made.”

Tamura presented some statistics, clearly prepared to back up Silver Link’s decision, and showed that all 13 episodes of Ange Vierge had about the same budget and the same sized team working on it as Kyoto Animation’s 30 second PV for Violet Evergarden.

“We’re really sorry for all those fans that were looking forward to characters’ clothes,” Tamura concluded. “We are working on a version where the characters will be clothed to be released in the Blu-ray version.”

Tamura left the conference continuing to grumble angrily about Kyoto Animation.

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