Studio DEEN’s Open Letter to ufotable


The following is an open letter submitted to Anime Maru.

What was with those episodes ufotable? What happened to trolling the fanboys like we used to? Remember how mad they got when we butchered their precious Fate route? Remember how funny it was when we forced the 20 hours of Unlimited Blade Works into less than two? How they would come back time and time again begging for Heaven’s Feel? How they hated that you changed minor things in Fate/Zero? Those were good times.

Now look at you. You’ve changed, ufotable. Lovingly framing Rin’s supple thighs, beautifully animating fluid and well-choreographed fight scenes, green lighting a Heaven’s Feel movie? You’ve changed. I didn’t say anything when you took Kara no Kyoukai seriously, but now… we don’t even know you anymore.

Whatever. Silver Link still hangs out with us sometimes, though after that WataMote shit, they might be joining you tryhards soon too. It’s fine. We don’t need you. We have Gainax now. The bottom tier isn’t just us anymore.

Yours Truly,
Studio DEEN

P.S. if you have any good ideas for another Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni OVA, please let us know.

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