Studio Ghibli Stuggles to Explain That New Film Does Not Involve Miyazaki


TOKYO, Japan — Studio Ghibli media representative Ken Atsugawa released a statement today reiterating the fact that Hayao Miyazaki was not involved in the production of its new film When Marnie Was There:

“While we will always treasure what Miyazaki-sensei has accomplished at Studio Ghibli, we want to remind everyone that When Marnie Was There, in theaters July 19, is directed by Hiramasa Yonebayashi. Miyazaki has no role in the project, as he retired last September and has since stayed retired.”

“Please stop referring to When Marnie Was There as ‘that new Miyazaki film’,” Atsugawa concluded.

After a few moments, one reporter asked, “does this mean it’s like Arrietty where Miyazaki writes the screenplay?”

“No. No it is not,” replied Atsugawa.

The press in attendance appeared to be confused by the announcement and began shouting questions:

“Does this mean that Miyazaki is coming back from retirement again?”

“Will the new film feature Miyazaki’s art style?”

“Is Miyazaki not directing so his son can direct it instead, like From Up on Poppy Hill?”

The questions continued despite Atsugawa becoming more visibly annoyed at each mention of the Academy Award-winning director. “You know what, fuck it,” responded Atsugawa while throwing up his hands, “we give up, call it whatever you want.”

“Miyazaki is back! Woo hoo!” a person in attendance declared as Atsugawa left the podium, muttering unintelligibly under his breath.

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