Studio Khara Reveals That It Was Always Pronounced “Evan-Jelly-On”


TOKYO, Japan — Studio Khara revealed its biggest secret about the latest Evangelion film earlier this week, clarifying the official pronunciation of the name of the franchise.

“It was always pronounced “Evan-Jelly-On”. We wanted to emphasize how the series had a strong start, a sweet middle portion, and then an abrupt and disappointing ending. Also it’s “Ev-Ah” not “Ay-Vah”, you’ve all been pronouncing it wrong,” series creator Hideaki Anno told media Monday afternoon.

Despite a very clear message from Anno, these statements have already sparked controversy among legions of NEETs. Many suggest that this pronunciation is a witty criticism of modern anime production, pointing out ‘jelly’ goes on bread which is featured in many ‘slice’ of life shows. Coincidence? You decide.

Still others suggest a new theory all together. With so much of Evanjellyon being built ripping off homaging series like UFO, Ultraman, and RahXephon, this pronunciation could be a reference to the popular Earnest EVANs video game franchise.

Naturally there are still those who cling to the old outdated “EvanGELIon”. Long time EVA fans such as reddit user EVA-Unit-420 went so far as to mail the severed head of his Rei Ayanami figure to Studio Khara in protest. And it would seem he’s not the only one as others have mailed in their Evanjellyon themed merchandise,  which unfortunately includes the EVA brand of anthrax.

Anno once again responded that he isn’t afraid of the fans because he knows that, “whatever they do now is only half of what we’ll get when 3.0 + 1.0 comes out.”

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