Study Reveals Critical Lack of Anime Content on Anime News Network

(Anime) News Network

The anime community was shocked on Tuesday by the release of an independent study showing that roughly 70% of news articles published by Anime News Network are not actually about anime. The study, commissioned by disgruntled reddit users and performed by a crack team of undergraduate Communications students, found that only a handful of articles posted on ANN’s newsfeed actually pertain to animated films and television shows made in Japan. A far greater level of content was found dedicated to minute casting decisions for anime live stage adaptations, Japanese video games that will most likely never be given Western releases, and announcements regarding hiatuses and endings for manga no one has ever heard of.

The study’s findings were more positive in regards to actual anime content outside of ANN’s news section. The undergraduate analysts discovered a vast array of wildly inconsistent anime reviews, unboxings of DVD sets for shows that most anime fans pirated years ago, and columns praising the world-building of LN adaptions that the rest of the internet agrees are garbage. A footnote in the study praised the comments sections of these articles as “hubs of spirited and intelligent discourse regarding the quality of the articles and the state of the anime industry in general”.

Anime News Network, which proudly holds the title of “Internet’s Most Trusted Anime News Source” and is a staple of many a casual anime fan’s browsing history, released a brief statement following the study’s publication. The statement defended the site’s content record, claiming that “Our policy is to keep readers informed of all the exciting events in the anime industry, even if those events are things few readers actually care about”, and concluded with the claim that, “At least we thoroughly fact-check, unlike those hacks at Anime Maru. Those suckers will believe anything they read on the internet.”

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