Study Shows Silicon Valley Still Dominated By Otaku

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A Princeton University study released Tuesday revealed that the Silicon Valley population is still largely dominated by otaku.

Researchers collected long-term demographic data over a decade, studying ancient companies such as HP as well as newcomers such as Twitter, discovering that the demographic consists of 80% otaku and 20% “other”.

“We strive to improve the diversity of our teams and realize that it will take time to balance the workfield. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that in the near future, we will be seeing a less otaku dominated industry,” said Hailey Bryck , human relations director of Facebook.

However, Princeton PhD student Yibin Zhang expressed skepticism about the claim. “Hiring practices are largely biased,” she said. “Recruiters think that otaku are exceedingly adept with computers, can sit all day in front of a screen, and don’t need sunlight or other base needs to survive. That simply isn’t true. There are plenty of other Silicon Valley hopefuls who are just like that too.”

The other 20% consist of demographic groupings such as men (19.99%) and women (0.01%).

“We were always so preoccupied with the lack of women in STEM that we overlooked the larger issue. I don’t think it’d be right if it were only otaku guiding the future of technology,” one Princeton sociology professor said.

The study further specified that the otaku majority is composed of female, male, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Alaska Native, American Indian, gay, lesbian, straight, and otherwise-identifying human beings. It cautioned against labeling this group as “diverse”, as their homogeneity in thought is both dominating and oppressive in the workplace.

However, Princeton’s study came as a large surprise to the CEO’s of large tech companies, who said that they did not discriminate against non otaku.

“We have never actively tried to populate our companies with one demographic,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, referencing the most recent hire of a homophobic product manager for a team of Yuri on Ice fanatic engineers.

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