Study Shows That You Have Not Already Seen Absolute Duo

"We know you're sure you've seen this before," said the report. "But trust us, you haven't."

“We know you’re sure you’ve seen this before,” said the report. “But trust us, you haven’t.”

CAMBRIDGE, MA – A new study from researchers at MIT has confirmed with 99.999% certainty that Absolute Duo is a brand new show that has not aired before.

An emergency paper issued by the university after widespread reports of déjà vu among viewers and fierce online argument over whether this show had aired before concluded that despite many many similar elements to a number of other shows, it was in fact a new product.

The report reads: “After exhaustive searches and use of sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms, we have managed to ascertain with a high level of certainty that this is a new show. It’s definitely not Mahou Sensou or Unbreakable Machine Doll or Seikoku no Dragonar or Black Bullet or No Game No Life. Similarities to Guilty Crown, Angel Beats!, Chrome Shelled Regios, Zero no Tsukaima, and even Chaos;Head have been ruled out as an indicator that they are the same show. Also it definitely can’t be Trinity Seven, since that just ended last week.”

“While we do admit that the first episode did have a high degree of resemblance to a substantial number of previous projects,” wrote the research team, “any sense of déjà vu felt while watching Absolute Duo is entirely the result of its staggering unoriginality, and not due to it having aired before.”

UPDATE: MIT have just announced that none of you have ever seen Seiken Tsukai no World Break or Juuou Mujin no Fafnir as well, since they are also apparently brand new shows. However, the research team said that they were still years away from developing the technology to distinguish between those three.

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