Sub Purist Resorts to Dubbing FLCL Progressive in Japanese Himself

GRAND FORKS, ND — FLCL Progressive is currently airing on Toonami with an English dub. Shaken by the news that the Japanese dub will not premiere in Japan until September, hardline subtitle purist Samuel Price has announced his plans to create a Japanese dub of FLCL Progressive himself.

Samuel’s philosophy on anime is that it can only, should only, and must only be watched in Japanese. He has had a grudge against Funimation for their numerous “major” translation errors for years, but he believes they have gone too far with their release of FLCL‘s sequel.

“It was bad enough when they aired Space Dandy in English before it aired in Japanese, but at least the subs were available the next day. Fans can’t be expected wait 2 and a half whole months to watch in Japanese, it’s our right as Americans to be able to pirate shows in Japanese as soon as they air!”

Samuel does not have access to the original Japanese audio, but he states that he is “willing to suffer through” the English dub to allow others to experience the show properly. Samuel also admits that he does not actually speak Japanese, but is confident that his years of experience listening to anime in Japanese make him far more qualified than Funimation’s translators to accurately recreate the show’s original meaning.

Samuel has created a Kickstarter asking fans to help him pay for recording equipment and editing software to create his Japanese dub. The Kickstarter has already received dozen of pledges and supportive comments stating that it is “at least more realistically going to happen than that Last Jedi remake.” 

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