Sunrise to Rename “Brave” Series Under Pressure From Military Advocate Groups


Reports are coming in from Japan that Sunrise has been recently under pressure by American pro-military advocacy groups to change the name of the Brave series, a giant robot franchise that ran throughout most of the 1990’s and is best known for the anime, King of Braves GaoGaiGar. Anime Maru sat down with Charlene Hope, head of Bravery Is For Soldiers, an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to ensuring that usage of the word “brave” is recognized to only in the context of soldiers in the United States military.

According to Hope, she discovered the existence of the Brave series through her son, 27 year-old Nathan Hope, a hopeless NEET weaboo.

“I saw my precious boy watching them jap cartoons, and the word brave came up, and I tell you what, I would not have it! I said to him, ‘Shut down your box, boy! We got a country to defend!’, and I tell you, I sprung into action mode!” Ms. Hope embezzled $5 million from her organization to fly to Japan and schedule a meeting with Sunrise, demanding the name of the franchise, which has not had any new products in over a decade, to be changed to respect the noble sacrifice of American servicemen around the world.

Sunrise was initially opposed to the change, stating that they saw no direct correlation between American soldiers and giant hammer wielding robots. However Ms. Hope pointed out that the Japanese still ‘owes them one’ for the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Sunrise has since complied, and is re-releasing the anniversary edition of King of Braves GaoGaiGar as  King of Braves but Not As Brave as the Troops in Iraq God Bless America GaoGaiGar. Other series in the franchise formerly known as Brave will be officially renamed shortly.

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