Survey Result Show Minmay Voice Actress Mari Iijima Still Bangable

Minmay Hot or Not
A recent survey from 2chan has confirmed what we all had hoped for: Mari Iijima, voice actress/singer for Lynn Minmay, is still very bangable. The poll was divided into three options as seen below. As any one can tell, the overwhelming majority has reaffirmed that they’d like to Sunset Mari’s Beach with their Shao Pai Longs.

It doesn't matter, her boyfriend is still a pilot.

It doesn’t matter, her boyfriend is still a pilot.

Similar western polls have reached the very same results. In the west fans most likely know Iijima from the English dub of Macross, which she played opposite the far more talented Vic Mignamana.

Shoji Kawamori has confirmed that he’s seen the poll results and will be taking in into account on the upcoming Macross Delta. “We’ll rotoscope Mari for our main idol, then we’ll sync that to our new voice actress. We can’t actually afford to hire Mari herself anymore since all our money has gone into Aquarion Logos.”

Megumi Nakajima, who made her debut as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier, shared her own thoughts on the results. “If anything I feel the results reflect well on me. Since my character Ranka is really just Minmay with green hair, that probably means I’ll look just as good as Mari when I’m in my forties.”

Upon being corrected that Iijima is in fact fifty-two, Megumi replied “God damn.”

Even Mika Doi, the voice actress playing opposite Mari as Misa Hayase, made her own comments on the results. “No one even remembers Mari for anything thing besides Macross, and by the way my character ended up winning Hikaru, so I don’t know why they even paid attention to Mari. So what if she still looks like a teenager, I was in Angel Cop and Mad Bull 34! If anything this poll should be about me!”

Doi went on to talk about herself for another thirty minutes, which we have omitted according to our journalistic standards. Iijima never commented on Doi’s comments, or the poll results, choosing to remain eerily professional.

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