Surveyor Corps Prove Useless in Combat against Titans


TROST DISTRICT – According to recent military intelligence, the newly-assigned Surveyor Corps have already sustained heavy losses early into their first mission. The Surveyor Corps are an elite division of surveyors specializing in both land and building measurement requested by Commander Pixis to support the city’s weakening defenses.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the Surveyor Corps ride out beyond the walls to set up tripods. Two 7 meter Titans then appeared as the team began measuring a base distance. The vibrations of the ground caused the plumb-bob to shake and knocked over a theodolite. Unable to triangulate the height or angular position of the attacking Titans, multiple surveyors were quickly devoured as the team scattered in fear.

Only one member of the Surveyor Corps returned several hours later, clutching a blood-soaked T-square he used to fight off a Titan. He described heavy losses and doubts anyone else survived. A representative from Military Headquarters stated that the mission is being considered a loss, explaining that the Surveyor Corps “failed to generate a topographic summary of Shiganshina District, determine the exact height and distance to Wall Maria, detect geodesic anomalies along an arc of longitude, or kill any Titans.”

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