‘Sword Art Online’ Author Admits He Doesn’t Play Video Games

Kawahara Reki, the creator of the immensely popular Sword Art Online series, revealed shocking details regarding his career during a press conference earlier today after a journalist asked him if he drew any inspiration from video games.

“I’ll admit it, the rumors are true”, Kawahara replied. “I don’t play video games and don’t know a thing about them. I’m just a 43-year old man who writes books for a living.”

Kawahara clarified that the “trapped in a virtual world” premise commonly found in his works was actually inspired by The Matrix film trilogy and that he chose video games as a central theme because they were popular with Japanese youth. He then referred to various harem anime to flesh out the rest of the story.

Among the most common criticisms of the Sword Art Online series are that its environments — set in virtual RPG worlds– would make any sense in an actual video game. Today’s revelation has vindicated long-standing speculation that Kawahara has little to no knowledge about video games.

“Wow, talk about a poser,” a former fan of Kawahara told Anime Maru while taking his massive collection of light novels to the recycling center.

“What’s next, Fushimi Tsukasa telling us that he’s not attracted to his little sister?”

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