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Tech Startup Introduces Device That Locks Door During Embarrassing Anime Scenes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A fledgling tech company has caught widespread attention by announcing a gadget that could revolutionize the anime viewing experience. The San Francisco-based startup 654 Solution Ltd….

Op-Ed: Anime Avatars Key for Recruiters to Find Ideal Candidates

Today’s work environment is completely different from that of twenty – even ten years ago. The new generation coming into the workforce is more connected and tech-savvy than ever, and social media has become critical in the hiring process. The ability to leverage social media in the hiring process has befuddled countless employers, but I can confidently share one thing instantly spotted on social media profiles to identify a strong candidate: an anime avatar.

Fan Service Industry Suffering

WASHINGTON, DC – A new Pew Research Center study shows a substantial decline in the income of fan repairmen and service centers in recent years, largely connected to the negative…

Square Enix Revises Marketing for Bravely Default

TOKYO — In response to declining sales of its new title Bravely Default, Square Enix has reevaluated its marketing for the role-playing video game. The move surprised many in the industry,…

Funimation Seeks New Revenue From Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

FORT WORTH, TX – Funimation Entertainment, the Flower Mound-based film production company, is turning to an unusual source in its quest to find new revenues: the Texas Lottery. “We’ve been…