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‘Fate/Grand Order’ Revenue at All-Time Low After Latest Event Sends Entire Fanbase to Prison

Google search histories became a little bit safer today following the arrest of nearly every adult who had made a purchase in the popular dating sim/online casino, Fate/Grand Order.

The mass arrests were in direct response to the newest Fate/Grand Order event, where players were transported to a mystical world ruled by magical scantily-clad 12-year-olds. Upon completion of the event, players are gifted with one such minor to do their bidding in future events. Upon reaching the maximum level, players can receive a JPEG image which, for legal reasons, we are unable to claim to have seen. Those with enough luck, or money, can obtain additional underage soldiers for assistance with grinding more upcoming events.

Staff Infection — Editors’ Picks for Summer 2014

kevo Glasslip? Wow talk about another typical P.A. Works show, pandering to the glass crafting enthusiast community to make a quick buck. Talk about the lowest common denominator. Bakumatsu Rock looks…