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Japan Adds Cheering Someone On to National Emergency Plan

TOKYO, Japan — The Japanese Minister of Disaster Management Yasafumi Aso confirmed in an official announcement today that the act of cheering someone on has been added to the nation’s…

Industry in Peril Due to Cancellation of Single Isekai Anime

Anime as we know it is falling apart, after Seven Arcs announced earlier this week that the anime adaption of Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai De slated this fall was being discontinued….

New Report Concludes That 60% of Japanese Adults Are Actually Children

Earlier this week, the Japanese government released a statement addressing the recent controversy that much of the nation’s adults are much younger than they appear.

Japan’s has struggled with workplace demographics for decades, and experts have long feared that due to low birthrates the nation would soon have difficulties maintaining its supply of labor. With this new revelation, it appears that the issue has not been with the birthrate at all, but rather the fact that a significant proportion of Japan’s adult population are actually children.

Korean College Student Tired of Classmate Asking Questions About Japan

ATLANTA, GA – Social tensions grew in a local university classroom this week as student James Park was once again mistaken by one of his classmates as being of Japanese…

Sony Music Japan CEO Unaware That Continents Other Than Asia Exist

Internal strife erupted among the management of Sony Music Entertainment Japan (SME) when it was discovered that the subsidiary’s CEO, Mizuno Michinori, was unaware of human civilization beyond East Asia….

Japanese Government Grants ‘Fate/Grand Order’ Developers Right to Print Money

TOKYO, Japan — The Japanese Ministry of Finance announced earlier this week that Delightworks, the developer of the popular mobile fantasy role-playing game Fate/Grand Order, will be allowed to print and…

President Trump Pushes for Trade War on Japanese Imports

In a recent tweet, Trump criticized the United States ongoing trade deficits with Japan. Historically, the United States has imported significantly more goods from Japan than it has exported. Trump…

Gas Station Attendant’s Dream of Owning Drift Car Ends with Legalization of Self-Pumping in Oregon

COLTON, OR – A local man’s dream of one day owning a drift car was crushed this month with the legalization of self-service gas stations in Oregon. The new law,…

Anime Maru Adventures Episode 1: Please Help Me

TOKYO, Japan — To anyone that is reading this, please send help. My name is Steve Sigbjorn. Three months ago I answered a classified ad for an anime news website that was looking for a travel writer. Next thing I knew, I was packed in a shipping container and dropped off in downtown Tokyo with nothing but a tablet, 100 yen, and a copy of Tokyo Geek’s Guide. It is getting cold. I have been doing unspeakable things to earn money for food. My attempts to contact Anime Maru for help have been ignored. I don’t think I can survive for much longer.

Japanese Man Hospitalized After Seeing Genitals in Adult Video

YOKOHAMA, Japan — 24-year-old Nobue Morii was sent to the hospital early Monday morning after accidentally viewing an adult video that had uncensored genitalia. According to investigators, Morii was watching…