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Xebec Announces ‘Chinpo!o!!!!!!!!’ Anime Adaptation

Anime studio Xebec announced earlier today that it has started production on the anime adaptation of the manga Chinpo!o, created by Daichi Sorayomi. Localized as Dick Whip Guy, the manga tells the story of a man who aspires to be the best in chinpo!o, a gambling sport where male contestants stand on a floating platform and try to push each other off the platform. The twist, however, is that the contestants are only allowed to use their backside and phallic member.

New NFL Study Concludes Football At Least Safer than Keijo

NEW YORK CITY — The National Football League released a study earlier today highlighting the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), or concussions in the high octane, action-packed sport of keijo….

‘Keijo!!!!!!!!’ Tops Fall Season in Exclamation Points

Traditionally, the fall is the strongest anime season in terms of quality. This season of anime has been no exception; highly anticipated titles such as 3-gatsu no Lion and Hibike Euphonium 2 have been hyped…