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High School Replaces Detention With Mandatory Anime Club Attendance

HOUSTON, TX — Faculty at Westbury High School revealed during a parent-teacher conference this week that substantial revisions will be made to its detention policy. Beginning next week, students eligible…

New Anime About High School Girls Paying Attention in Class Green-Lit

According to industry sources, Class-Time, a new original anime from Silver Link, has been green-lit. The anime will focus on the daily lives of four girls who attend high school. Instead of…

Local Student Still Waiting for Classmate to Show Her Dere Side

KEARNEY, MO — The average high school boy would be heartbroken if his crush acted like she hated him. But for 16-year-old Joshua Ferris, local student and self-professed otaku, this is actually a sign of encouragement; he believes that his crush, classmate Kelly Liebowitz, is a tsundere. A prevalent archetype in some of his favorite anime, tsundere characters can be found in schools, workplaces, and dungeons around the world.

CliffsNotes to Offer New Anime Summaries

The popular student resource CliffsNotes, a longtime resource used by students to bluff book reports and literature exams, has announced that they will launch a new guide to popular anime….

Students Not So Excited for This Year’s Battle Royale

Tokyo, JAPAN– As the second term of school begins in Japan, some students are apprehensive to return after the announcement of this year’s Battle Royale. A class of 42 students have been…