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Staff Infection — Anime Maru’s Mid-Season Round-Up

Fluffy Harpy I’ve been watching Yuri Yuri as it airs, but I can’t help but think its simply more of the same we’ve seen in the last three years. Yes,…

Anime Maru Receives 2015 Reporters Without Borders Award

WASHINGTON, DC – Celebrities, media personalities, and politicians gathered for a special gala honoring Anime Maru, the recipient of the 2015 Reporters Without Borders Excellence in Journalism Award. The award selection committee cited Anime Maru’s coverage of several events with both geopolitical importance, and ones closer to the anime community that constituted their core leadership. To celebrate this award, we at Anime Maru have decided to reflect upon the vast history that led us to receive it, and the various important stories we have broken over the past few decades.