Teaser Image For Love Live SunShine!! Stirs Color Controversy


The teaser image for SunShine!! – the upcoming sequel to the popular Love Live: School Idol Project anime – has caused intense controversy in the anime community after fans were unable to agree on the color of the dress worn by the girl in the image.

While some fans claim the outfit worn by the girl in the image is white and gold, others stubbornly insist that it is actually black and blue. Online fighting over the outfit has spilled over into the real world, with Akiba being burnt to the ground in the worst fire that local officials have seen since last week when the terrible new character designs for The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan were revealed.

Theories for this discrepancy include monitor settings, differences in the way the brain perceives color, psychological or emotional factors, and skill at Love Live School Idol Festival. One expert went so far as to suggest that it could indicate whether a viewer preferred subs over dubs.

Eventually the inconsistency was explained by the company in charge of promotions.

“We had two versions of the image with different outfit colors,” a representative from VizMedia told Anime Maru, “and we accidentally sent both out at different times, so some people had the image with the white and gold colors, while others had the black and blue. I don’t really understand what the big commotion is all about.”

While some fans still refuse to believe the explanation of the discrepancy, others immediately switched to fighting over which colors were better, which caused the worse Akiba fire since the original color controversy fire that happened the day before that.

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