‘Teekyuu’ Runs Out of Movies to Name Episodes After


What originally was just a clever gag has now caused big problems, as the crew of Teekyuu have ran out of movies to name episodes after. Studio MAPPA president Masao Maruyama states, “We thought it’d be clever and easy to name the episode titles after movies, but it soon became more trouble than it was worth. We don’t know that many movies, we work in anime! So, we decided to let Shin Itagaki go to Millepensee for ideas, since we were too busy. But to be fair, we did try to get the crew of Garo: Crimson Moon to try to come up with some movie titles… and that didn’t work out so well.”

Studio Millepensee then took the helm from where MAPPA left off, and did manage to come up with a lot more movies, but then realized how much they wished author Haruki Murakami had theatrical films based off his books, so they made Takamiya Nasuno Desu! as an excuse to name episodes after his works. That also gave them time to come up with even more movie titles, but after the seventh season, they realized they stretched out the show way longer than the should. No, not because the super fast pacing and quick humor growing old, but rather, those episode titles no longer had the same charm they once did. Director Shin Itagaki stated, “There’s only so many movies you can see with senpai. They play tennis anyway, why are we naming our episodes after movies? We aren’t dealing with film critics here. What’s the point? Have I lost meaning in my own art? Who am I? What have I been doing for the last few seasons?”

Itagaki’s questioning of his own work lead him to try to become one with the arts he once lost. Through that, he grew fond of the art of haiku. This lead to him finally finding meaning in his own work and creating Usakame. He now states, “I no longer need Teekyuu. We don’t need anymore movies to name episodes after. Haikus are much more fitting for a show such as this one. They are short poems, this is a short series.”

Usakame then was promptly cancelled when they ran out of haikus after 12 episodes.

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