Telecom Animation Staff Sends Letters To Past Selves About Regrets Over Orange’s Production


The staff of Telecom Animation Film traveled to the Bermuda Triangle today to send their past selves letters outlining their regrets on their adaptation of the manga Orange, and gave themselves advice on how to improve the show in hindsight.

Director Hiroshi Hamasaki told reporters, “Actually, before we started production on Orange we received letters from our future selves telling us what went wrong last time we made the show in a parallel universe. We followed their instructions pretty closely and I think we improved the show a lot, but Blu Ray sales and reviews weren’t quite as good as we hoped, so we’re sending revised letters back to the past and starting the process over again. Hopefully the next production staff gets it right, and some parallel universe can get the adaptation of Orange they deserve.”

Character designer Nobuteru Yuki sent a letter advising his past self to simplify the character designs a little, knowing now that the production would struggle with keeping consistent animation quality and would totally ruin key emotional moments with badly drawn faces. Meanwhile, script writer Kakihara Yuko sent herself a letter telling herself to tighten the pacing a little, since the finale wound up going long anyway and they probably could have told the story more effectively a little more quickly. She also advised her past self that if that didn’t work either, they should consider just making a movie out of the manga instead.

In related news, Re:Zero director Masaharu Watanabe is happy his anime was well received and that he no longer needs to keep killing himself to get it right.

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