Teresa May Resigns Following ‘One Punch Man 2nd Season’ Endorsement

Months of political turmoil came to a head this week as embattled British Prime Minister Teresa May announced her resignation amidst her poor handling Brexit and even poorer taste in Japanese animation.

May’s position as head of the Conservative Party, which had been in a tenuous position after her numerous defeats attempts to push a Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament, was all but erased following her deceleration that she found the second season of One Punch Man “not that bad”. The admission came during a portion of last week’s question time — which was devoted to discussion around the lack of quality shows airing this anime season. When asked for her statement, May responded with “I don’t know, I’ve been enjoying the second season of One Punch Man.”

These comments come in wake of larger party division forming early in the year, with May admitting that she “couldn’t really get into manga, it’s much easier to just watch something animated, who has time to read at the moment anyway?” resulting in the loss of support from the very influential Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure & One Piece right wing sub-factions within the party.

When asked to clarify her statement, May further stated that she, “didn’t understand why everyone was so disappointed with the new season, I’m enjoying the new character designs and honestly, haven’t really noticed a difference in animation quality,” leading to Parliament being called early and May herself needing a police escort back to 10 Downing Street following violent picketing by outraged Bones fans outside the residence.

Although it is unclear at this stage who will be replacing May as Britain’s new Prime Minister. May has announced she will be hoping to channel her outspoken opinions into something positive, and will devote herself to becoming a full time MyAnimeList reviewer.

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