Texas Anime Fans Without Electricity or Internet Forced to be Alone With Their Own Thoughts

The situation continues to be dire for the thousands of Texas otaku who have now entered their third straight day without critical utilities. Freezing temperatures and severe weather, usual for the region, have so far affected an estimated nearly 3 million households across the state.

Faced without power or internet service, local anime fans have had to endure hours of being unable to distract themselves with video games, VTuber livestreams, and isekai series. Many residents report having started to experience periods of self-reflection due to being trapped in their homes with nothing to do for long periods of time.

“It’s been really difficult here,” said Jerry Feldman from his home still without power in Lufkin, Texas. “At first I was able to just play some gacha games on my phone, but my battery died completely yesterday. Now there’s nothing but me and my own thoughts. It’s actually quite terrifying.”

Anime fans throughout the state report similar experiences. Many echoed growing concerns that they would not be able to survive the entire outage without slipping into an existential crisis.

As issues continued to mount, some residents began taking it upon themselves to provide what help they could to their neighbors. Matt Delton, concerned about those still without utilities, spent the day lending out portable battery chargers and giving out the password to his wifi hotspot.

“I wanted to give people at least a chance to do their daily logins and maybe check up on a YouTube stream,” Delton told our correspondent. “Even if it’s just for a few minutes, any amount helps.”

Weather warnings are still in effect Thursday night for much of Texas with freezing conditions and additional outages expected as operators continue to struggle to handle the high energy demand. We attempted to contact Texas Senator Ted Cruz for comment on what sort of relief could be expected during this time of crisis but he was unable to be reached during his vacation retreat to Cancun.

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