That One Guy From Anime Conventions Unable to Deliver All Their Free Hugs

While media has already been packed with stories about people being inconvenienced by COVID-19, a new sad story has emerged alongside all the tragedies.

Jonathan Reed, 26, an enthusiastic hug giver normally found lurking around the corners of various anime conventions, has stated his struggles with being unable to hug complete strangers like he used to. Recognized by others for his sharp stare and tendency to sweep rooms in search of people in need of sweaty and somewhat forceful intimacy, Reed has suddenly found himself with a large amount of unclaimed free hugs.

Reed describes the difficulty of finding people to jump on as one of the biggest downsides of social distancing.

“For all the people who were waiting for their hugs, I’m sadly unable to deliver”, Reed lamented. “I know I’ve let everyone down, but you have to be strong. You’ll get your hugs next year, so don’t you worry.”

Our reporter offered to hug Reed (for free!), but he politely refused.

“We have to be serious about this virus. Also you’re not a cute cosplay girl.”

Ahegao shirt wearers have also reportedly been adversely affected by the cancellation of many anime conventions, with many now worried about not getting enough visibility.

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