The Anime Maru Foundation Scientific Census of Anime and Manga

Hello fellow anime enjoyers. As you may have heard, anime was a mistake, and the only possible way to fix it by telling the anime industry what they’re supposed to be making instead of the trash they currently make. After the Flying Colors Foundation decided to shut down, we at Anime Maru decided we were the only ones who could possibly fill their shoes and achieve their intended goals. To that end, we have created this Scientific Census of Anime and Manga, or SCAM for short. Please participate in our SCAM by entering in personal data prompted by the following questions. We swear this information will go solely towards getting the anime of your dreams made, and not to any Russian firms looking to pay us for electorate data.

About the author

Bob_Squob is neither a Bob nor a Squob, but they’re both common enough names to form an alias. After roaming the earth for 10,000 years with no purpose, he came upon Anime Maru, and thought to himself, “It is good. I will make my home here.” He currently resides in the darkness for fear that his taste in anime will be discovered and exploited as a weakness. Twitter: @Bob_Squob