The One Piece Found in Mystery Box at Anime Expo

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a surprising turn of events at Anime Expo today, attendee Nate Thompson has reportedly opened a mystery box and found the legendary One Piece.

The paper box was labeled with a Dragon Ball logo and sold alongside other boxes containing cheap shounen-themed merchandise. When Thompson opened the box he found random keychains, a Funko Pop, an XL-sized T-shirt, and the One Piece — according to a note from Gold Roger congratulating him on finding his treasure.

This turn of events confused the booth’s staff, but when Eiichiro Oda was contacted he confirmed that the treasure was in fact the One Piece.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to find it this fast, but I’ve always intended for Anime Expo to be at the end of the Grand Line,” Oda told Anime Maru.

“Throughout my story I’ve had the characters visit more and more overcrowded locations, and Anime Expo is the final form of that idea.”

“It’s a pain that someone found it already though, it’s going to make the ending of One Piece a bit depressing. Oh, sorry, spoilers for 17 years from now.”

According to latest reports, Thompson discarded the contents of the mystery box, claiming that he’s “more of a Black Clover fan”.

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