Things to Do While Waiting in Line for Anime Expo


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnime Expo is just around the corner, and the first event of the convention is the eight-hour line to get a badge so you can get into the convention! Here’s some things we recommend to pass the time while you wait.

  • A fun game to play with the people next to you in line is seeing how quickly you can exhaust all anime-related conversations, non-anime related conversations, and any dialogue whatsoever that does not remind you of the living hell you are stuck with them in.
  • Bring your Nintendo 3DS and finally complete that StreetPass puzzle of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill.
  • Hungry? Bring a couple eggs and fry them on the sidewalk in the never-ending 80-degree plus heat!
  • Consider whether that 10:00 AM AMV Showcase on Thursday is really worth waiting in line for 9 hours beforehand.
  • Take up cartography! Make a map of downtown Los Angeles, using your new geographic knowledge of the city from standing in line at the various blocks that the line stretches past the convention center!
  • Look at the birds in the sky and consider how free they are, and also how stupid and unable to appreciate anime they are.
  • Create your own standing-in-line-based convention, Line-Con! To make sure everyone is able to get into Line-Con, have people register online, then mail out badges weeks beforehand like most major conventions do to avoid unmanageable 10-hour wait times.
  • Once registration closes for the night and you still haven’t managed to secure a badge because you have to work on Wednesday like a normal person, find the nearest hiding spot to the convention center so you can be first in line the next day. We recommend the bridge underneath the 10 freeway on Figueroa Street.

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