Thousands of People Abruptly Transported to Alternate Worlds

Parallel worlds across the infinite multiverses reported huge influxes of people in strange clothes suddenly appearing earlier today, putting great strains on their populations.

“Usually we get one every few years, but today suddenly like a hundred people appeared on roads throughout the kingdom,” Alsuvian, the Mayor of the Caluleaf Village in alternate world A83116, told Anime Maru. “They’re all screaming something about aliens; we don’t even have enough bandits to beat them up for the first time.”

A83116 is only one of the many alternate worlds stretched thin by this sudden refugee crisis. Most worlds have run out lodging, supplies, and attractive female characters to accommodate these visitors.

“We really don’t have that many evil forces to deal with at the moment, why do we even have a prophecy that six hundred or so people are going to suddenly appear and save our kingdom?” King Leovinas of alternate world J26994 exclaimed.

“My memory is hazy. I remember one moment I was Naruto running towards a fence, and the next moment I woke up in this field next to a bunch of people with the same memory,” Connor Freitag, who suddenly appeared in alternate world D91873, recalls.

“Some girls came along and spent a few minutes explaining all the details of this world to a few people, but after an hour they got tired and just started handing out brochures.”

The United States government still refuses to confirm nor deny any unusual activity occurring at Area 51 on this date.

“In the past they were all heroes with amazing abilities or something, but these people seem to be useless!” Leovinas told Anime Maru. “They really aren’t sending their best anymore.”

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