Time Travel Accident Erases Steins;Gate From Existence

Steins temp bannar


PEKIN, IL– Fans of Steins;Gate were shocked to discover late last night that the series and its spin offs had been erased from existence. Of course no one noticed at first, since no one knew what they were missing.

The exact reasons for the critically-acclaimed anime’s disappearance are unclear, but a group of weeaboos call themselves ‘The SciAdv Patrol’ claim to have the answer. This group of weeaboos and quantum mechanics, sponsored by Dr. Pepper, set out with the goal to make time travel possible. While their first attempts to time travel with a microwave ended in radiation poisoning, they’ve claimed to finally broken the time barrier.

“It is ironic that The SciAdv Patrol’s first trip backwards through time would erase the very series that inspired us to travel in the first place,” group leader Jay Parker explained. “I mean screw H.G. Wells, Nitroplus knows time travel better than that hack.”

Some members of The SciAdv Patrol have lamented their effects on the time stream. One member, Lela Stofrom, went on record saying; “All we wanted to do was erase the Chaos;Head anime, I don’t think anyone could have seen that it might have a negative effect on Steins;Gate.”

While filled with the best of intentions, fans of Steins;Gate have been protesting the actions of The SciAdv Patrol. Some saying that their efforts would be better spent erasing anime like Tsukihime, Darker than Black’s second season, or the third season of Spice and Wolf.

The group has since re-established Steins;Gate back into being, with only a few minor hiccups in the time stream. The SciAdv Patrol assures Anime Maru readers that things should be back to normal by the time you read this article.

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